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Rien n'est plus beau qu'une guitare, sauf peut-être deux. – Frédéric Chopin

Gennaro Fabricatore anno 1822

february 2018
A marvelous Gennaro Fabricatore guitar has been restored by Bernhard Kresse. More pictures will be availabe soon on this website.
Guitar plan of the 1823 Panormo available.
january 2018
An exceptional beautiful 1:1 guitar plan made by Jan van Capelle is now availabe on his website.
Expo Antonio de Torres
december 2017
Visit to the "Antonio de Torres: the Stradivari of the modern guitar" exposition at the violin Museum in Cremona - Italy.
Cordefactum 2017
17 april 2017
The Panormo and Simplicio on display at the Cordefactum guitar festival.
Cordefactum is an internationally renowned instrument and music festival organized by the Centre for Musical Instrument Building (CMB) in Puurs, Belgium.

La guitarra española es el instrumento musical más completo que hay porque posee calidad de sonido, simplicidad y carácter humano. – Jose Luis Romanillos