Gennaro Fabricatore 1822

(Gennaro II 1800~1853)


  • Italy Naples
  • Chord length: 650
  • Top: European spruce
  • Back & Sides: Maple
  • Pegs:-


A most elaborate and refined instrument by Gennaro Fabricatore (Naples 1822).

Front in spruce decorated with mother-of-pearl 'affogata' in black stucco.

Fingerboard heavily inlaid with an elaborate decoration in mother-of-pearl and bone inserts in black stucco.

One-piece back and ribs of figured maple edged with ebony and bone inserts.

The neck is Spanish Cedar entirely overlaid on all surfaces with rosewood veneer.


The instrument is in fairly good condition.

Except of bridge and pegs all parts are original.

The soundboard shows some hairline-cracks but it seems to have its original thickness.

The neck/body-joint (a frequent weak point at these instruments) is stable.

Restoration report

The guitar is restored by Bernhard Kresse in 2018.

The instrument was opened, the back removed and old repair supports detached and replaced.

Bars on the front and back reglued.

Rhombus-shaped element at the back detached and replaced.

Bridge removed and reworked.

Back-linings enlarged to get wider glueing area for the back.

Edges and bindings at the back renewed.

3 pegholes bushed out and pegs refitted.

Soundboard cracks belayed and supported.

Missing parts of mother-of-pearl inlays replaced.

Frets reworked.

Retouching and revarnishing works done.