Vicente Arias 1902

(1833 - 1914)


  • Spain Madrid
  • Chord length: 649
  • Top: European Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Brazilian rosewood
  • Tuners: Fustero
  • Air resonance: F


Guitars of Vicente Arias are not common with perhaps 65-70 known to exist today. They were, like this one, quite small in body size and almost every one seems to be different in terms of decorative detail. Some were very plain and simple and others highly-decorated. They do also vary in body size and plantilla shape, though rarely the size of the modern day guitar. In most cases, they have a very pleasing and often deep sound.

The air resonance of this guitar is around F giving the bass a full, deep character. The middle and treble are quite sweet and rounded.


This guitar is more than 115 years old and for that time is in very good condition.

The rosewood sides appear to be in perfect condition with no repairs or visible cracks.

The back has some short, cleated cracks down at the bottom and edge. There is no continuous centre joint strip, but cleats at regular intervals. There is some small separation in some places - and possibly when made as there is a little glued paper underneath the bottom of the label.

The front has two long cracks that have been cleated a long time ago - and a smaller one to the treble side that has been traditionally fabric-patched.