Manuel Velazquez 1969



  • United States New York
  • Chord length: 650
  • Top: European spruce haselfichte
  • Back & Sides: Rosewood, south american
  • Tuners: Fustero
  • Top bout: 280 wide, 101 deep
  • Bottom bout: 369 wide, 105 deep
  • Neck width: 55
  • Weight: 1619 grams
  • Price: 9500 EUR


This is a very fine instrument by New York master Manuel Velazquez from 1969 - signed underneath the front.

This particular guitar has a wider neck and deep body.

Top of European spruce with the spectacular bearclaw / haselfichte.

Back and sides of beautiful quality, quarter-sawn and straight-grained brazilian rosewood.

Hauseresque rosette and rosewood bridge.

Tuners are made by Fustero. Lyre-ended design with engraved sideplates and synthetic pearl buttons.

The sound is typical, rounded, sweet, traditional.


With the exception of one crack (4.2cm) in the heel area in the rosewood back, there are no other repairs or cracks.

The guitar has quite a lot of little marks much on the corner bindings.