Jeronimo Pena Fernandez 1985



  • Spain Marmolejo (Jaen)
  • Chord length: 664
  • Top: Canadian cedar
  • Back & Sides: Rosewood
  • Tuners: Fustero
  • Neck width: 53
  • Weight: 1805 grams
  • Price: 4700 EUR


A powerful and exquisite guitar made by Jeronimo Pena Fernandez in 1985.

Beautiful carving and fine detail work.

Body from beautiful rosewood - straight-grained with rich, warm colours of red and gold, accentuated by the coloured finish and with beautiful back centre-strip.
The back of the neck carries the maker's carving marquetry and the end of the fingerboard is also carved.

Front from very even and tight-grained Canadian cedar with the maker's fine-detailed rosette.

Carved bridge with tie-block decoration using the same motif as the rosette central tiles.

Fustero tuners with lyre pattern, black sideplates and white pearl buttons. The headface is ebony with relief carving.